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Beaumont Organic, 49 Hilton Street

Quick update:

With less than three weeks to go before my master's project deadline, you can pretty much say that I am about to enter the full panic mode in... well, right about now. Besides working on my thesis every day, I've been going to the office at the Old Granada Studios - it's been so much fun! I can't believe I'm saying this but going to actual work is immensely better than writing a super lengthy academic work 😅. *gasp* I'm such a grown-up!


I got the opportunity to attend Beaumont Organic's sample sale a couple of weeks ago. I love their quality and their fabric but sadly - as with most brands - I couldn't find anything in my size.

Beaumont Organic is throwing an exclusive launch party! Would you like to attend? Click on the image or here to RSVP 😄 

How many black tees do I own?

Top from ASOS | Bag from Parfois

It's been such a busy week for me. I'm currently swamped with a lot of MA work so here's a quick post on what I'm regularly wearing. Black tee + messy bun combo and my trusty Parfois bag pack to get me through the day! Oh and to answer the question, I own over 20 different black tees 🙃 it's my go-to whenever I'm too busy.

Meanwhile, check out my Instagram @annick_lt (door me a comment and I'll check out yours!) and if you would like to read more Fashion articles you can find them here on → my portfolio page. It's updated/refreshed weekly!

Stay tuned for my usual food posts.

West Corner, NQ

↠ Cappuccino (£2.60)
↠ Veggie Hash - fried crushed potato, shredded onion, kale, sprouts and beets, fried eggs & toast (£7.50)

I normally love West Corner's food but I was expecting the crispy hash that you normally get on an English breakfast so this was a little disappointing. The hollandaise sauce almost made up for it but I wanted some crispy hash! I needed fried food!!

Overall rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Trafford Centre, Manchester

Even though I own a DSLR, I find myself photographing/utilising my iPhone 6 a lot more. It's probably the convenience of it huh? I sometimes regret not bringing my DSLR out especially on a beautiful day like this but it's just a little too heavy for my tiny shoulders to be carrying around for hours on end.

Anyways, these were all shot and touched up on the phone.